The above image was taken by Lisa Brörmann (2020)
Hi! My name is Aya. I love showing my guests, the beautiful places in Visby that inspired Studio Ghibli to make the film, Kiki’s Delivery Service.
  • I will guide you directly to the places in Visby that inspired Hayao Miyazaki when making the film Kiki’s Delivery Service.
  • Languages: Japanese, English, German and Swedish.
  • This tour is a walking tour in the medieval city of Visby on Gotland.
  • We will visit about 18 famous spots used in the movie.
  • The tour lasts approximately 120 minutes (2 hours).
  • Small group with max 10 persons (negotiable if large family)
  • Meeting place is at the opposite side of the pub “Black Sheep Arms” (S:t Hansgatan 51, Visby) near the statue of Christopher Polhem. Map
  • The tour ends at the North Gate.

Please book the tour via email:

Minimum fee 750 kr / 75€ per tour. If you are two or more persons, 400 kr / 40€ per person.
Children (under 13): 300 kr / 30€ per person.
Major credit cards, cash (SEK or EUR) and Swish accepted.

This walking tour is not a normal city tour about the history of Visby and Gotland. It is designed for people who have seen the film “Kiki’s Delievery Service”, so please see the film before you participate in the tour so you can enjoy the tour fully.

Aya Feurst

Watch this film if you are thinking about visting Visby or participating in the tour!

A film by Joakim Norrby. This is a fantastic youtube video about the old town Visby which inspired the making of the city, Koriko in the film Kiki’s Delivery Service. Kiki’s Tour Visby collaborated in making this film so you can have a sneak peek about the tour in this film.


To all my Kiki’s friends,

After 20 years of living on Gotland, I had to move to the mainland and will be doing the Kiki’s Tour in Visby in person, only during some of the summer months. However, since I need to fly to Visby, I will only be doing the tours when there are enough people or groups in a week that want to book a tour. Please kindly send me an email for inquiry, if there are any tours planned.

For those of you who are visiting Visby when I am not in town, I have made a Kiki’s Digital Tour using the – just for you! I put my heart and soul into making this virtual tour so please check it out.

You can visit 18 places in Visby that inspired Hayao Miyazaki to create the anime “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. The digital tour will guide you with a map, coordinate number and the address. There is a quiz about the film for each task/place you visit and an image of the scene which you can compare with the real place. I’ll be happy to guide you online/telephone during your tour if you carry a smartphone or iphone which we can connect during your tour.

You can buy the digital tour at the store page on this website.
After purchase, you will get a link and password for the digital tour in Visby. You can read about the description of how it works at the store page.
Below is an image of the GPSQuiz.