Welcome to Kiki’s Digital Tours!

The digital tours were originally created for guests who are visiting Visby to visit the places that inspired Hayao Miyazaki to create “Kiki’s Delivery Service” when I am not in town. However, we have now created a Kiki’s Digital tour for the Stockholm tour as well for those who want to explore the places on their own.

This digital tour will guide you to 18 places in Visby or 22 places in Stockholm. Both are created on GPSQuiz.com.

The GPSQuiz.com will guide you with a map, address and coordinate number. The map will show where you are with a white square dot that will move with you during the tour.

There is also a quiz about the film for each task/place you visit and a picture of the scene in the movie will pop up on the screen when you are near the place you should visit. You can compare the anime images on the screen with the real places.

You can buy the digital tour on this website at the Store page.

I’ll be happy to guide you online/telephone during your whole tour if you carry a smartphone or iphone which we can connect during your tour.

How it works:

1. Buy the digital tour ticket that you want to take in the Store page. There are four types of tours to choose from. Visby tour or Stockholm tour. With online guide or No guide.

2. Contact us via email (aya@olaya.se): Inform us your order #, name and the preliminary date of when you plan to take the tour in Visby or Stockholm.

3. You will receive a link to the digital tour created on GPSQuiz.com. and a password for the digital tour after you have contacted us with your information.

4. Enjoy the tour with the GPSQuiz.com to guide you to the 18 places in Visby or 22 places in Stockholm which inspired Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki to create the anime film “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.

See you in person or online when you visit Kiki’s town in Stockholm or Visby!

Warm regards,


2023-11-25 Gao Shei Lee

Aya took me on her digital tour consisting of 18 different points of interest. She created a digital map which will showcase the scene in Kiki’s Delivery Service for you to reference it to. On top of that, she was also guiding me through FaceTime, letting me know the history of the many houses in Visby.

Aya is extremely knowledgeable on Visby, as well as the film. Throughout the tour, she was patient in guiding and waiting for me to take photos.

I highly recommend her tour, and hope more people get to enjoy this wonderful place

2024-05-07 Chloé Coester

Dear Aya, 
The tour yesterday worked perfectly.
Thank you so much for creating these tours. 
It was honestly a childhood dream come true!
So experiencing this made me so happy :))
I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
Wish you all the best,

Below are images of the GPSQuiz.