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Read Reviews on Google about the Kiki’s Tour in Stockholm

Kevin Lehr

I went for both Kiki Tours, in Visby and also in Stockholm, and I have to say that especially the Stockholm one was really, really nice. It was such a nice way to combine my love for the movie with visiting Stockholm and seeing the most beautiful parts of the city. Aya looks great in her outfit and she even has Jiji the cat on her shoulder! Loved it. Great recommendation 🙂

Chloé Coester

Dear Aya, 
The digital tour yesterday worked perfectly. Thank you so much for creating these tours. 
It was honestly a childhood dream come true! So experiencing this made me so happy :))

I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
Wish you all the best,

Gao Shei Lee

Aya took me on her digital tour consisting of 18 different points of interest. She created a digital map which will showcase the scene in Kiki’s Delivery Service for you to reference it to. On top of that, she was also guiding me through FaceTime, letting me know the history of the many houses in Visby.

Aya is extremely knowledgeable on Visby, as well as the film. Throughout the tour, she was patient in guiding and waiting for me to take photos.

I highly recommend her tour, and hope more people get to enjoy this wonderful place 🙂

Henry Weikel

An amazing tour! We had a great time walking around town and finding the spots that inspired Miyazaki’s film. Aya’s found so many examples that I never would’ve seen on my own.

Aya was extremely knowledgable and friendly. She even had some coffee and cookies for us at the end with a great view of Visby. I’d recommend this tour to any fans of the movie or people interested in seeing a different side of Visby! Wonderful way to spend a few hours of your visit.

Leon Yong Xu
The tour was great fun and I would not have noticed a lot of minute details if not for the guide pointing it out! Thank you for the enjoyable day and for the biscuits and tea 🙂

Annalyssa Solomon

If you are a fan of Kiki’s Delivery Service and are visiting Visby then do this tour! Aya is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and so accommodating. She was a Saint after I had a rough day of travel and I was so grateful for her. She simply made my day! I will be suggesting this to all my friends and hopefully I can come back with friends to do it again.

Jacqueline Lehr

The tour was AMAZING. We went for about 2hours to all the spots in the movie. It was so much fun as I recognised most of the movie scenes 🙂 also super nice and friendly soul where you just feel comfortable with. Thank you!